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Travel Advice

Do some research before you travel!

Get the most out of travelling the UK and Europe by making sure you have read all of the right travel advice and information.

If you are planning to work in the UK or Europe, you must have the correct visa. The Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme is for young people (aged 18-30) from participating countries and territories who want to come and experience life in the UK. Every year, the UK government allocates a number of places on the scheme for each country and territory. It costs around £200 to apply. For further information visit our Visa Advice page.

You’ll likely need some cash when travelling to or around the UK and Europe. When it comes to transferring money internationally, banks (with their high fees and slow transfer times) are so old fashioned. 1st Contact Forex will give you the best exchange rates and the fastest transfers at low fees. The best part? You can take care of all of your transfers online, from anywhere in the world!

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Insurance is another essential – no matter where you’re travelling in the world! You wouldn’t leave your house without your clothes on, so why would you leave your country without being fully covered? Backpacking without travel insurance can prove a very expensive mistake, so make sure you shop around in advance to find the best deal! For further information, visit our Insurance page.

Travelling around Europe, particularly throughout the UK, can sometimes prove expensive! So, to avoid sky high prices, book well in advance. You can often get your hands on half price rail tickets, and even buses for £1 if you look carefully enough! An alternative way to explore different countries without the worry of booking transport, is hopping on board an organised tour. These provide the perfect opportunity to not only discover hidden gems, but to also share the experience with other like-minded backpacking folk!

Whether you’re still in the UK or getting ready to head home, it’s a good idea to put some time aside to claim your tax refund. If you’ve overpaid income tax while you’ve been working in the UK (this can happen for a few reasons), you’re entitled to claim that money back. Although you can do it yourself, the process involves calls to HMRC and usually a few headaches. But there’s good news – tax refund claims services, like those provided by 1st Contact Tax Refunds, will help you get your maximum rebate with minimum effort.


travel advice backpackers uk

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