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Posted on Sep 12, 2017

Top five annoying dorm mates

Top five annoying dorm mates

Dorms are brilliant places to rest your head and meet like-minded folk while on your travels. But, there’s a slight chance that you might stumble across one or two of the below ‘less appealing’ types. For your sanity’s sake, hopefully no more than that – and on the plus they usually add a touch of humour to your travel stories at a later date! Here are Backpax’s top five annoying dorm mates…

Rustling bags is one of the traits of an annoying dorm mateThe Rustler

Why do some backpackers have so many plastic bags they need to rustle when they’re sorting out their luggage early in the morning or late at night? And it always seems to go on for such a longRustling bags is one of the traits of an annoying dorm mate time? Ditch those plastic bags or organise yourself outside of snoozing hour.

The Snorer The Snorer is one of the traits of annoying dorm mates

When ear plugs don’t even drown out the rattling snores of your neighbour, you know you’re in for a sleepless night. Of course if they’ve been drinking the old grog, it’ll probably be worse than normal and so there’s only two options… change rooms or put a peg on their nose… you’re call!

The Bunk Swayer is one of the traits of an annoying dorm memberThe Bunk Swayer

Call me a prude, but sex in a dorm should be a big fat no no! Unless you have all 8 beds to yourselves and then why not? Being subjected to a bunk swaying is a cringe-worthy experience whether they’re on the top or bottom… so to speak.

pee-erThe Pee-er

Some party-fuelled male room mates can get themselves into such a stupor that they can’t quite distinguish the difference between a toilet and a bin… yes it does happen! Quite a confusing sound until you get a whiff of what is occurring. Uggghh!



The stinky farter is one of the traits of annoying dorm matesThe Stinky Farter

Smirk if you wish but this is no joke… well, maybe initially you let out a snigger at the sound of escaped wind echoing around your dorm, but this may soon change to a grimace once the putrid aroma hits your nostrils. That peg you kept handy for the Snorer might just need to go on your nose instead!


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