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Posted on Apr 24, 2018

Top 5 Naughty Backpacker Habits

Top 5 Naughty Backpacker Habits

1. A Breakfast Bandit…Naughty Backpacker Habits - Danish Pastry

I bet many of you backpackers have slipped a cheeky bread roll, danish pastry or at least a jam sachet into your pocket from an all-you-can-eat breakfast on offer at hostels you’ve stayed in. When trying to make your money stretch, it’s hard to resist sneaking out with a ‘wee snack’ for later.

2. A Fridge Raider…Naughty Backpacker Habits - bread slices

You know who you are! One minute I had a whole loaf of bread and the next I’m a good few slices down. Beware of the backpackers who take a cheeky nibble from someone else’s fridge food without asking for permission. Who nicked my stuff? Go on, own up!

3. A Backpacker Bigmouth…Naughty Backpacker Habits - smart phone

Skype and Facetime have brought about the rather thoughtless ‘bigmouth’ who seems to be oblivious that they’re speaking so loudly to loved ones back home. It can be particularly annoying to dorm mates who are trying to relax… or even sleep. Wanna talk? Go for a walk!

4. A Souvenir Swiper…Naughty Backpacker Habits - guinness

Ok, it’s a night out in a new town, in a new country and after a few bevvies, those beer glasses, coasters, condiments, or posters look very enticing… “but I just wanted a souvenir of my fabulous night in your fabulous country officer”. It could have a messy ending if you start classing any parts of the décor as a memento!

5. The Bathroom Canoodlers…Naughty Backpacker Habits - do not disturb sign

We’ve left the worst till last… do you HAVE to canoodle in showers? I know it’s the only place with any privacy in a backpacker hostel but some of us need to brush our teeth before bed! Who ever said romance was dead?!

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