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Visiting Wales

The land of mythic King Arthur, Wales showcases lush valleys, rugged coastline and mountain ranges.

Snowdonia is one of the beautiful sights to see when visiting Wales

This small country, perched on the fringe of Western Europe, is a playground for the adventurous. Lace up your hiking boots and tone up your glutes (ass to me and you!) – take in the great outdoors and perhaps a pint at a local pub.

With 21% of locals still speaking the native language, it is the strongest survivor of the Celtic tongue – a true testament to the unyielding pride and passion of the Welsh people. A rich heritage embedded in legend and musicality, it’s not all history, hiking and male choirs. Buzzing with youthful energy, Cardiff offers a plethora of nightclubs, bars and great shopping – not to mention a growing arts scene.

To borrow the trademark closing line of Mr Jones himself, “Gwyn eich byd a dymunaf i chwi lawenydd bob amser” (may you always be well and happy) – cheers to that Tom!

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