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Visiting Europe

Europe is not only as diverse as Lady Gaga’s wardrobe; it’s probably as striking and outgoing as the popstar’s behaviour.

Santorini, Greece - Visiting Europe

Where else in the world does it only take one single picturesque train ride to get from ancient ruins to densely forested areas? Take in scenic coastal views, primeval churches and thousands of culinary delights. From the Northern Lights in Norway and the magnificent remains of the Roman Empire in Rome to the grizzly history of the former Eastern Bloc. Europe seems to be pocket-sized version of the world. Europeans are not particularly known for blowing their own trumpet, but you have to hand it to them: they have a good enough reason to!

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Tours & Campervan hire for visiting Europe (excluding UK):

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Italy on a Budget
Sail in Greece
Go Sail Turkey
Spaceship Rentals
Wicked Campers

Map of Budget Accommodation & Travel in Europe (Click here for map which includes UK):

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