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Posted on Sep 2, 2017

Český Krumlov lifts the spirits with its Wenceslas Celebrations!

Český Krumlov lifts the spirits with its Wenceslas Celebrations!

If you’re having a dose of post-summer blues, we’ve got just the cure for you! Lift your spirits with a heart-warming Czech shindig happening in a tucked away spot called Český Krumlov!

Summer may be coming to an end but we’ve found one place where spirits are still high! From the 28th September to the 1st October, the Wenceslas celebrations will be in full swing in pretty Czech town Český Krumlov, and we reckon you should go and help them celebrate!

We asked the local Hostel Krumlov House what we can expect from this lively event. “Our Wenceslas Celebrations is a celebration of all things Czech – good beer, good wine, good food, folk dancing, beautiful women and much more,” said Carolyn, co-owner of the family run hostel. They set up this home-from-home backpackers many moons ago and would be more than happy to accommodate you throughout the festivities and beyond. But don’t delay booking yourself a bed as things could get busy!

Hostel Krumlov House - outside

As well as the above mentioned merry-making, enjoy an evening of exploring the town’s museums and galleries with nightly tours and an impressive supporting program, all happening on St Wenceslas night (28th September). The Wenceslas Market draws a bustling crowd each day, whilst evening concerts, river wooden rafting and live music, on top of the more traditional celebrations, keep everyone super entertained.

Wenceslas - Csesky Krumlov

So what is it all about? Well St. Wenceslas was murdered in 935 (by his brother, can you believe – sibling rivalry at its worst!) which followed in him being canonised and declared Patron Saint of Bohemia. The celebrations in Český Krumlov began at the beginning of the 14th century and so this tradition runs deep within the locals’ veins.

Celebrations go on all around the Czech Republic but we feel that heading to Český Krumlov will give you the opportunity to experience it in a more traditional setting. The local area is well worth exploring too and Hostel Krumlov House gets rave reviews for its friendly vibe.

So, wherever you are on the 28th September, raise a Czech beer and say “Na zdraví” to St. Wenceslas… but what better place to be, than right in the heart of it all in Český Krumlov?

Wenceslas - beer

Visit to book yourself a bed!

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