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Posted on Aug 31, 2016

Campervans – the best way to travel!

Campervans – the best way to travel!

Bitten by the travel bug? Unsure about whether you can afford all the hostels and international transport? Well have no fear – campervans are here! Jangira Lewis puts her foot on the accelerator and explains why hopping in a campervan is the best way to travel UK and Europe…

The exquisite taste of freedom and adventure is what classes campervan travelling the top-notch budget option that it is today. With the rest of the world waiting for you down that open road (literally), you can finally make your backpacking dreams come true. Simply round up some mates, grab a map and get going!

Spaceships Campervan Rentals - best way to travel

What is all the fuss about?

Well, campervaning gives you the possibility of exploring deserted and dramatic landscapes, in any country of your choosing. Hiring a campervan is ideal for those backpackers looking to experience an authentic outdoor adventure in a variety of fascinating countries – why visit one, when you can visit them all? Free from those restrictive chains of planning, travel to any country at your own liberty. Explorer’s paradise!


Planning on Festival hopping? Campervans are perfect! If you choose the right campervan, you can say goodbye to smelly porta-loos and hard grounded bedding. Or you could upgrade to a van with a fridge to keep them beers chilled whilst you rustle up a delectable dinner on your handy little hotplate – yum! Simply park up in your chosen spot, set up camp and party the night away. Why waste your time with a tent again?

What types are out there?

Whether you’re a lone wolf or a pack of young travellers, there are a variety of campervans to suit any kind of budget and style. Two-seaters, five-seaters, left-hand drive, multi-coloured – the choices are never-ending! Many have beds, cookers and fold-away tables inside, so that homesick feeling will never hit you.

Spaceships Campervan Rentals - van set up for camping

Head over to Wicked Campervan or Spaceships to get an instant quote and snap up a good deal. Both have campervan depots in major cities all over the UK and Europe – so you can start your adventure anywhere you please.

Next stop: UK and Europe!

We all know that the UK and rest of Europe make the most exceptional campervan trips! UK’s historic buildings, beautiful gardens and ancient castles, complement the stunning alps and rich culture in Europe. As the convenience of a home on wheels creates the freedom to explore wherever you please, you know this will be a trip of a lifetime.

Lake Como Italy - one of the places you can explore in a campervan - the best way to travel

Lake Como, Italy

Discover Europe by crossing the lower reaches of the Transylvanian alps in Romania (minus the vampires) for a spectacular drive, or enjoy a relaxing picnic by the stunning lakes in northern Italy. The beautiful beaches in the south of France are particularly catered for campervan travellers. The vast amount of space entices explorers to stop and camp out for days – so there’s no need to worry about those pesky check-out times!

Wild deer, calm lochs and breath-taking coastlines – the UK’s landscapes really do make up for its notoriously gloomy weather. Drive around the remote wilderness of the Scottish Highlands and ogle at the captivating scenery, or surf the waves of the sandy beaches and visit the historic maritime towns in Cornwall. Grab your camera and capture them moments!

Hiring a Wicked Camper - the best way to travel

Overwhelmed by all the possibilities?! Wicked Campers and Spaceships’ websites provide excellent UK and Europe campervan travel itineraries, so you can brainstorm the perfect campervan adventure and read some interesting testimonials from other fellow backpackers.

The open road awaits and with your 4 wheeled home, dreams can be created, lived and relished… bon voyage!

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