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Posted on May 2, 2017

Interlaken’s uber-cool Balmers Hostel joins the St Christopher’s Network

Interlaken’s uber-cool Balmers Hostel joins the St Christopher’s Network

St Christopher’s Hostel Network has just added a new member to its ever-growing family… The Balmers Hostel in Interlaken. Now that’s certainly something to shout about from those stunning Swiss mountain tops!

Balmers Hostel - front of hostel

A country reknowned for being a tad pricey, by staying at The Balmers Hostel you can now enjoy this uber-cool location on a budget. And to make it even cheaper, St Christopher’s are offering the chance of a further 25% discount if you book before 31st May. What are you waiting for?

Interlaken can be found in the mountainous Bernese Oberland region of central Switzerland, which is as breathtaking in the spring as it is in the snowy season. Discover lush green meadows, sunlight dancing on gushing rivers and try numerous heart-pumping activities within the surrounding mountains. St Christopher’s call it a “thrill-seeker’s paradise” for good reason.

Balmers Hostel - Paragliding

So, what do you fancy doing this spring season, as the flowers bloom and the weather warms up? There’s plenty to choose from;

  • Jet boating or kayaking on the beautiful Lake Breinz.
  • Paragliding or Skydiving over the breathtaking Swiss Alps.
  • Vertical Rush – this freefall is 75kmh, 30 meters above the ground and is basically a giant swing high in the tree tops (so you’re completely safe). An ultimate adrenaline rush for those not quite up for the skydive… yet!
  • Bungee Jumping – jump over Lake Stocksee on the Stockholm Bungee for the “rush of a lifetime”.
  • Rock Climbing – one way to take in the vast views up close and personal…. with a harness on to keep you safe.
  • Canyoning – get off the beaten track and explore hidden gorges where you can jump off rocks into clear waterholes and slide down waterfalls.

Balmers Hostel - Canyoning

Whatever you choose, Balmers Hostel will make a great base… they have a wide variety of sleeping options: shared dorms, private rooms, a hammock room and even posh tents. And, before hitting the pillow after a fun-fuelled day of action, you can party in Balmer’s night club with all your adrenaline junkie friends. Live life to the full in Interlaken…

Check out The Balmers Hostel video and then book yourself a stay (use code INTER25 to get your 25% discount).

Balmers Hostel - hammock room

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