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Posted on May 1, 2018

Backpacking in Scotland…

Backpacking in Scotland…

Always fancied a trip to Scotland? Why not make this the year for a wee trip North? Backpacking in Scotland is an experience not to be missed…

Scotland Whiskey, bagpipes, kilts and haggis are synonymous with Scotland and while these cliches can have their merit they also detract from what is a truly unique nation. Rich in culture, scenery and characters, Scotland is a diverse nation that encapsulates the beauty of natural landscape and the excitement of bustling cities. From the picturesque highlands to the radiance of the culturally spoiled Glasgow and Edinburgh, there is no excuse to be bored in Scotland.

Backpacking in Scotland - Hairy Coo

Rich History

Historic castles in Stirling and Inverary and relics of famous battles such as those in Bannockburn are testament to Scotland’s patriotism. Architectural enthusiasts in particular will be happy to visit due to feats such as the awe-inspiring Forth Railway Bridge, the largest cantilever bridge in the world, and medieval universities like the prestigious St Andrews can be found in the kingdom of Fife alone. Wherever you explore, gems will be uncovered along the way.

Backpacking in Scotland - Forth Road Railway Bridge

Lovely Lochs…

Relax by tranquil lochs during a sunny afternoon. Many visit Lochness due to its infamous monster but make sure that Loch Lomond is also firmly marked on your map. Being situated only 20 miles from Glasgow, the loch is easy to reach. It’s a stunning National Park and the largest single inland waterway in Britain. At 27.5 square miles, 5 miles wide and 600ft deep, it’s safe to say… it’s enormous! The rugged highland peaks and glens are ripe for exploring. Do this on the back of a pony, in a kayak, canoe or just use your plain old two feet. You could even catch your own dinner on the bank – anyone for fishing?

Backpacking in Scotland - Loch Lomond

Festivals galore…

Summers are especially eventful with a whole raft of festivals dotted around the length and breadth of the country. The most obvious is the Edinburgh Fringe which draws a global crowd and sets the city on fire with it’s top-notch entertainment. Every year in August the floodgates open in Edinburgh as tourists and locals convene in Scotland’s capital for a bevy of music, theatre, comedy and artistic excellence. T in the Park, the Highlands Festival and Thunder in the Glens (a Harley Davidson rally) are other fabulous events which attract attention year after year.

Backpacking in Scotland - Street performers at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Rain or Shine

Note that unpredictable weather is a distinct possibility but this is a minor price to pay when visiting a country famed for its hospitality and humour. And as Scottish comedian Billy Connolly once said: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing, so get yourself a sexy raincoat and live a little.”

Check out our Scotland Route Planner for backpacker hostels and great places to visit… Happy travels!

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